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automatically publish jobs to your social media accounts

easy to use CMS for your career page

streamlined communication over all channels

real time analytics and reporting

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  • Medigo carrer page

    easy to use CMS

    implement our solution on your career page within minutes and start to publish jobs to your website forever. No more asking developers publish jobs to your website. Instead use our easy to use content management system and take charge for your job listings.

  • Automatic push to social media channels

    you are a small company and it is highly unlikely that people find the jobs on your website just because they are looking for a job that you are offering. Applications coming out of your extended network are not only cheaper than job board applications, they are also much more likely to be the better candidates. Connect to your social media accounts once and let us take care of the distribution.

    Automatic push to social media channels
  • Reporting and analytics

    Reporting and analytics

    let us tell you which the best performing channels are, what job titles work best and how likely it will be that you find a matching candidate within a given time frame.

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  • no bullshit
  • all features
  • 3 applications per month


  • no bullshit
  • all features
  • unlimited applications

all features

  • push to facebook
  • push to twitter
  • push to linkedin
  • cms for your career page
  • reporting and analytics
  • streamlined communication
  • one-click applications
  • job postings in the app

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